How to Remove Sod in the Palm Beach Landscape (Video, 2:22)

How to Remove Sod in the Palm Beach Landscape

By Pamela Crawford

The first step of removing sod is cutting the roots. This chore is extremely hard work to do by hand with a shovel. It is much easier to rent a sod cutter from your local rental company. Be sure you understand how the machine works, because they can be tricky. And be sure you have help to load and unload the machine off the truck. It takes a few strong people to accomplish that. All in all, learning how to remove sod in the Palm Beach landscape is one of the most difficult do-it-yourself gardening chores in south Florida.  You may wisely decide to leave this chore to the pros.

If you do decide to use a shovel, buy a grinder (about $30 from your local home improvement store) and sharpen the shovel before attempting to cut the roots of the sod.

Once the roots are cut, use the sharp shovel to cut the sod into pieces. Use a pitchfork to pick up the pieces and put them in a wheelbarrow. Shake off as much dirt s possible from the roots and leave it in the planting bed. Some hand removal of small pieces of sod is necessary. Rake the ground after removal to create a smooth, clean planting bed.

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