Spectacular landscape color in plantings, pools, pottery, hardscape, furniture, and lighting.

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Pamela Crawford

Pamela Crawford is an award-winning, nationally known landscape designer and author of ten best-selling gardening books. She has successfully designed over 1500 landscapes in Palm Beach County in the last 25 years. Her beautiful designs are routinely covered by newspapers, national magazines and television. She has a Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture, a post-graduate four year degree. Her goal is to get inside her client’s heads’ so to speak – to design a landscape that will make them smile!

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What Sets Us Apart

Personalized Landscape Design Process

Pamela’s work is about creating outdoor spaces that are highly personalized for her clients. She has developed a design system that allows her to find out what style will fit each client’s personal taste range. The system involves a series of meetings with her clients as the design progresses in order to design a custom landscape that totally fits their style.


Personalized Landscape Installations

This process of collaborating and working closely with her clients on design concepts ensures her client’s ideas are successfully integrated into the landscape installation.

Pamela meets her clients when the landscape installations are taking place. Before the plants are installed, the plants and planters are put in their intended places so the client can get an understanding of what the landscape will actually look like before the final landscape design installation. Pamela consults with her clients on any changes they may want before she gets the “go ahead” for the actual installation.

“When we set up the actual plants or planters in their intended spaces before the actual installation, my clients are allowed an opportunity to get a clear visualization of what the final landscape design will look like. We don’t install the landscape until our clients are completely satisfied.”


Landscape Design Excellence and Versatility

Pamela was recognized for design excellence with the prestigious Torch Award as an outstanding alumnus from the School of Architecture at Florida International University, the only University in the continental United States to offer subtropical landscape architecture. National magazines, television, and newspapers routinely recognize Pamela’s work. Pamela is educated in all landscape styles including clean-lined, modern gardens, and lush, tropical landscape designs.


Landscape Color

Pamela loves garden color so much that she wrote the book on it: Best Garden Color for Florida! She tested 2500 plants over a 20-year period to see which ones gave the most color for the longest period of time with the least amount of care. With this type of knowledge and experience Pamela is able to offer her clients unparalleled beauty, endurance, and dependability when it comes to their plant color choices.


Landscape Design and Planters

After writing five books on container gardening Pamela learned that the planter was just as important as what was planted in it. She worked closely with the major importers of glaze pottery to make sure each book had the most up-to-date styles. Pamela’s extensive experience means her clients are exposed to thousands of unique, top quality choices when it comes to pottery. No one knows where the Pamela about what to plant in container gardens!


Updating Pools, Outdoor Living Areas, and Driveways

Pamela updates pools, paths, and driveways with the latest natural stone, porcelain pavers, brick, or concrete pavers. Pamela works with an outstanding contractor and often changes the original design to create more flow throughout a property or more space for outdoor living.


Outdoor Furniture & Accessories

Pamela harmonizes the design of outdoor furniture and accessories with the design of indoor furniture creating an atmosphere where the indoor space flows seamlessly into the outdoor space. Pamela offers a wide range of outdoor furniture including moderately-priced to high-end.


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Landscape Photos

See over 500 photos of Pamela's beautiful landscapes in Palm Beach County. These photos feature the best of her 1500 Palm Beach landscape projects. They showcase her style variety, use of color, and attention to detail.
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Container Gardening Photos

See over 500 photos of Pamela's vast collection of container gardens. These photos feature the 'Best Of' her five books on container gardening, including show-stopping baskets on columns, edibles, art pottery, living walls, and easy container gardens.
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See remarkable before and after images as Pamela Crawford walks you through her bromeliad transformaition. (1:43)" Less than 2 minutes

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