Tips for Container Gardening in Large Pots (Video, 1:13)

Tips for Container Gardening in Large Pots (Video, 1:13)

One of the major trends in container gardening is large pots. Pamela Crawford, a container gardening expert, is frequently asked many questions about using them. Here are some of her tips for container gardening in large pots

1. If you are in an area of the world that freezes, buy cold-tolerant pottery so you don’t have to move it indoors for the winter.

2. If you are planting annuals (seasonal flowers), you don’t have to fill the pot to the top with expensive potting mix. Use mulch for the bottom half.

3. For more permanent plantings, like shrubs or trees, use the potting mix throughout the planter. Although this is expensive at first, the plants will grow much longer with a large quantity of a good-quality potting mix.

4. Once the planter is planted, water it thoroughly until the water is draining out of the bottom drain hole. If the pot doesn’t have a drain hole, drill one before you start planting.

5. Plants love large pots, and need water less frequently than in smaller pots.

6. Large pots have more design impact than smaller ones.

7. Choose large pots that coordinate well with your home, if you are placing them near your home.

Pamela Crawford designs gardens in Palm Beach County, Florida. This video is appropriate ¬†throughout Pamela’s service area, including Boca Raton landscapes, town of Palm Beach landscapes, Palm Beach Gardens landscapes, Jupiter landscapes, and Wellington landscapes. It is also appropriate for colder climates. It was filmed in Georgia.

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