Silver Container Garden (1:27)

Silver Container Garden

By Pamela Crawford

Silver Contianer Garden

Silver Container Garden (1:27) takes you on a quick tour of Pamela Crawford’s garden that was prepared for an episode of GardenSmart TV on container garden color.

Inspired by some gorgeous ‘flower balls’ that Pamela saw in Victoria, Canada, Pamela invented the side-planting system that made creating instant flower balls easy and instant – and with materials that were either simple to order or commonly available in local garden centers.

Side-planting started with hanging baskets, but Pamela also created other ways to support the baskets, including wooden posts and metal stands. These baskets on wooden posts, or baskets on border columns (from, are the star of this short video. They are quite easy to plant and install, as shown in other episodes of this video series.

Plants with silver leaves are the unifying element of this flower garden. They blend beautifully with pinks, purples, blues and whites shown in the other plantings.

Pamela Crawford designs unique planters for and writes gardening books. She is considered one of the best-known container garden professionals in the United States. This video is appropriate for all of that area.

She also designs landscapes in Palm Beach County, Florida. This video is appropriate  throughout Pamela’s service area, including Boca Raton landscapes, town of Palm Beach landscapes, Palm Beach Gardens landscapes, Jupiter landscapes, and Wellington landscapes. These subtropical areas have some of the longest growing seasons for annuals in the continental United States and are ideal for container gardens.

This article is taken from ‘Instant Container Gardens’ by Pamela Crawford.

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